Yana L. Freeman CCHt, QHHT

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist * 20 years experience

Spiritual, Healing & Regression Hypnotherapy



I witness miracles of healing with clients in every session.    


  Some Medical Doctors use this same or similar method and witness miracles of healing with patients.

 Lab test, MRI’s , X-ray and blood test show NO SIGN of the previous disease or problems in the body.


 If you heal, how will you support yourself? Do you honestly think the Inner Healer would leave you to a life without support? No! It knows what you are fully capable of and has wondrous things to share with you that would bring you more that you could ever imagine! You came into being with a path, a purpose and a mission. You did not come into being alone–– you are never alone on this path in life. You simply forgot how to listen from within yourself. Some of you know this, some of you deny it and sad, but true, some of you don’t want to know your real purpose in life.


Examples of Session Results

 You have a choice to heal or not. Its always up to you, but why would you choose to stay ill or to have a disease that will take you through a lifetime of taking drugs to further break down the body or lead you to an early grave. Take responsibility for your life and health now!


If you are unable to come for a session send a close friend or family member to have the session for you!  Their inner healer connects with your inner healer for your answers and we ask for your healing, if its appropriate for you. Its up to you inner healer.


The session is recorded for you to hear what specific messages or directions your inner healer and advisor has specifically for you. It’s always loving and wise with guidance and advise for you! It knows you!


 We must have your permission to contact your inner healer or we are not allowed access. It is very protective of you! All that is required of you is to listen to the recorded messages..... and Believe!



 Your Subconscious knows everything that is out of balance in the body. It knows the specific emotional root cause that created the illness, disease, disorders and/or problems then gives an explanation and offers instantaneous healing when appropriate. There are no limits as to what can be discovered in one session if you will simply allow yourself the pleasure of relaxing. That’s all it takes! Yes, it is that easy to heal your life and your health.

 This type of healing does not put band aids on anything. It heals it! It doesn’t pump our bodies full of drugs that will cause the body to break down further. There’s not one drug that can actually heal anyone! It must come from within yourself. You have the answers and the healing!  

Within each of us the inner healer is waiting to assist us. Using simple relaxation techniques we access the Healer and ask for its assistance. Many call it the subconscious, but I refer to it as the Soul, who we really are. Our Soul knows EVERYTHING there is to know! It KNOWS what event, emotional issues or emotion that caused the illness, disease or disorder. It also knows what to do in ALL situations and in any given moment in our lives. This inner part of us has a voice and will speak to us if we simply ask for its guidance in all things and listen. It has ALL our answers and IS the key to the healing we seek.  


Addressing illness on this level as opposed to the physical is more effective since it addresses the problem at its source. It is in this connection to the supernatural where suffering and ills cease to exist, Healing at the quantum level gets to the source of disease where other forms operate on the molecular level. —H L Dhar Director, Medical Research Centre, Bombay Hospital, Bombay, India

Examples of Session Results

Yana Freeman CCHt, is one of many qualified practitioners in the world today  using the same proven technique for healing. We have a one on one conversation with your Inner Healer, some call it the Subconscious. I call it the Soul, who we really are. That part of us that never dies.  Your inner being has a voice, it will speak to us and we record your session for you to hear its instructions for your life, health and relationships. This is a very simple and relaxing proven process known to help thousands experience instantaneous (yes, instant) healing of many illnesses, diseases and disorders. Your Medical Practitioner will see results on your next visit with labs and x-rays.  This healing is now being proven to Physicians all over the world. Lab test, MRI’s and X-ray show no sign of the previous disease or problems in the body. There are a select few Physicians using this method with patients who also experience instant healing of illness, disease and disorders. Other countries are using this method by the thousands and all are reporting the same results..... instantaneous healing!

 Read Laura’s story from being at death’s door to a full recovery! Laura is living proof this method works! She and many others KNOW anything is possible. Click the link, and read what Laura says in her own words... Laura’s Testimonial

 Do you know that you create your own illness and disease? Yes, you created it, unless you were born with it.  Our human mind is a storehouse of everything that has ever happened to us, everything we have ever seen, heard or experienced. The hidden issues cause illness and pain if left buried within. We all have negative programming, emotional baggage from the past, childhood, family, and programming from society’s beliefs that create disease, illness and problems in life. Those issues, fester and grow in the body, they literally destroy our health and our lives, but there is a simple answer if we will step up and make the decision to get to the root cause and release it.


The Soul makes choices beyond human comprehension for its highest good, its own growth and reasons beyond human control, but it will explain this too. When we don’t listen to our inner guidance the messages get stronger to get our attention. The worse it gets the more urgent the message! If an illness, disease or an issue is at a critical stage your Inner Messenger is screaming as loud as it can to get your attention. It has a message for you, but you are NOT listening!

  I can get those messages in spoken words for you if you simply relax and listen to the recording of your session afterwards. Will you let me help you get the messages the easy way or are you going to keep trying the hard way? The work doesn’t take a lifetime, but you may not have much time left if you don’t start listening now.

What’s your excuse not to heal your life, your health or your relationships? I guarantee that not one answer you come up with would your Inner Healer agree with you! Nothing is too big or too small for our Inner Self to heal.


Imagine the possibilities!

 Imagine! Think of the life you could be living and all the benefits you could experience by being healthy and happy again. See yourself healthy and whole again!

 While you're eating (breakfast, lunch,dinner) picture how much better your life could be. See it! When you wake up tomorrow morning you will feel compelled to make an appointment.  See, you’re already getting excited about it. Schedule your appointment. Its is that easy!

STOP thinking you are doomed to live a life of disease or a life of problems. Is that what you really want?  

Allow the Being you really are to show you the way to heal everything!

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