Yana Freeman CCHT/QHHT

Spiritual, Healing & Regression Hypnosis

Access The Inner Advisor & Healer!

I witness miracles in my office with clients. They happen!


 Everyone doing this work sees healing miracles with clients.


Even some Medical Doctors use this same or similar method and witness miracles of healing with patients.

 Lab test, MRI’s , X-ray and even blood test show NO SIGN of the previous disease or problems in the body. Gone! Disappeared!


 Two examples , among countless others who proved this healing is indeed for real!

 Franz Anton Mesmer (1734–1815) understood health as the free flow of the process of life through thousands of channels in our bodies. Illness was caused by obstacles to this flow. Overcoming these obstacles and restoring flow produced crises, which restored health.


Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) better known as “The Sleeping Prophet”. For more than forty years of his adult life, Cayce would induce himself into an altered out-of-body state of consciousness and reveal profound information on various subjects such as health, dreams, meditation, religions, reincarnation, earth changes to name a few. He gave many Physicians cures for their patients and the general public profound and personal information.




 If you heal, how will you support yourself? Do you honestly think the Inner Healer would leave you to a life without support? No! It knows what you are fully capable of and has wondrous things to share with you that would bring you more that you could ever imagine! You came into being with a path, a purpose and a mission. You did not come into being alone–– you are never alone on this path in life. You simply forgot how to listen from within yourself. Some of you know this, some of you deny it and sad, but true, some of you don’t want to know your real purpose in life.


Examples of Session Results

 Why wait until you return to Spirit to wish you had done things differently. Do it now!  There is nothing to big or too small for your Inner being to assist you with now! You have talents you’re not aware of, you have a purpose and a mission in life! It can and will help you on the path to wholeness in any area. Give yourself miracles! They’re waiting for you to receive.

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If you are unable to come for a session send a close friend or family member to have the session for you!  Their inner healer connects with your inner healer for your answers and we ask for your healing, if its appropriate for you. Its up to you inner healer.


The session is recorded for you to hear what specific messages or directions your inner healer and advisor has specifically for you. It’s always loving and wise with guidance and advise for you! It knows you!


 We must have your permission to contact your inner healer or we are not allowed access. It is very protective of you! All that is required of you is to listen and Believe!


Discover your path, purpose and mission in life, resolve health issues,  heal relationships with family and friends, receive guidance and most importantly... Discover who you really are!

Anytime is the Season For Miracles!

 What obstacles or belief’s are preventing you from experiencing health and joy in life? What’s your excuse not to heal your life, health and relationships? I can guarantee.... not one answer you come up with would your Inner Healer agree with you!


Stop hiding behind your fears, remove your blockages and move beyond limitations!


  Your inner healer has a voice and each session is recorded and video taped so that you can listen to the messages it has specifically for you.

YOU... are the       open to believe and receive!

Listen below about the woman who had a QHHT Session with Dolores. This is only a few of thousand’s of examples of what is really possible.

  Then read it in her own words: Laura’s Testimonial


 We “all” came into life with a plan, a purpose and a mission to fulfill. Do you know what yours is? Not many of us do because we had to forget in order to live and learn many lessons. If you’re reading this now, its time for you to remember who you are, why you came into life and what your plan is. Its time to heal something in your life, health or relationships or all the above.

  As a Soul we each laid our a path for this life as to what we needed to teach or learn in order to grow to a higher level as a Soul. We came in groups to help one another achieve those goals.  

 Everyone has issues in life they deal with. We all have things to overcome, something within us that is trying to teach us remember and how to heal ourselves. We have created every illness and disease by repressing something or to make sure we don’t follow through with something. When we don’t listen the messages get stronger to get our attention. If an illness, disease or an issue is at a critical stage it’s at the point to learn to heal it and yourself or else.! You must learn to go within for the message that the illness or disease is trying to teach you . What emotional issues are you not dealing with and releasing?  

Our emotions manifest in out inner world or our outer world. Its all to show us something needs our attention. The worse it gets the more urgent the message is that is trying to get our attention.  Do we have to lose everything, do we have to have suffer in order to get the message. Apparently, but that can change as easily as it came into being. Nothing is too bog or too small for our Inner Self to help us with or to heal.