“Quantum Healing Hypnosis”

 Negative programming for childhood, from our parents, and negative programs and belief’s from society cause more than emotional problems.... it causes disease in the body! The only way to heal it is to get to the root and eliminate the cause, the belief the old negative pattern’s!

 Unless we were born with a physical problem, we created it! If we are born with it, then the Soul has a purpose for bringing it into the lifetime. The Soul has its own agenda which has nothing to do with the physical being. It can also be a teacher to our family or society. The Soul makes choices beyond human comprehension for its highest good, its own growth and reasons beyond human control.

 Then come the emotional baggage we carry from childhood, family, the past and life in general that create dis-ease, illness and problems in life. Those issues, fester and grow in the body, they literally destroy our health and our life.

Example: Cancer, it eats the body from the inside out. If you have cancer in your body, what’s eating you? How much emotional baggage are you carrying? It is impossible to experience healing without addressing it from the inner level. The power is within you to live your best life, now!  


Are you ready to heal or are you going to let it take you to the grave? You do not have to wait until you’re on the other side of life when you realize you could have lived a longer healthy life. Its never too late..... as long as you’re still breathing!



 As discussed by H. Dhar in 2009 in the  Bombay Hospital Journal. Dhar explains that although this type of existence is immaterial, it is the precursor to what becomes physical. Addressing illness on this level as opposed to the physical is more effective since it is addressing the problem at its source. It is in this connection to the supernatural where suffering and ills cease to exist, Healing at the quantum level gets to the source of disease where other forms operate on the molecular level.

This type of healing does NOT put band aids on things, it heals! It doesn’t pump our bodies full of drugs that just cause our bodies to break down further. There is not one drug on this earth that can heal anyone, but Quantum Healing Hypnosis can.... and does!

 Yana Freeman CCHt, has been doing this particular work since 1996, after working with a client and asking their subconscious, “how can I help this person?” It told me this, “if you don’t get to the root cause you cannot help anyone”. I listened and from that day I have been witness to many healing’s, physical and emotional.  

I am one of many qualified Practitioners in the world using this proven technique for healing. We have a one on one conversation with your Subconscious the Soul, who you truly are! This loving part of yourself knows everything about you and how to heal or the answer to any question about life, health, relationships, and your purpose in life.

  It speaks words we can record on tape for you to listen to later. This is a very simple and relaxing proven process known to help thousands experience instant healing of many diseases and disorders.

The healing is now being proven to Physicians all over the world. Lab test, MRI’s and X-ray show no sign of the previous disease or problems in the body.

What illness or disease’s are being healed?

Healing’s reported with Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Yana L. Freeman CCHt, MA

   Arkansas Quantum Healing Hypnosis

In a session, I assist you to the level of relaxation where the subconscious will come forward and speak. I then ask questions the client has and anything that I think is relevant to the person based on what they tell me in our talk before a session. This is how we access the root cause and there is where the healing begins! The Soul knows specifically what thought, belief, trauma or programming from childhood created the illness, disease or disorder and how to heal it. This is done easily with no medications, no pain and no surgery!

I met Dolores Cannon, the founder of Quantum Healing Hypnosis in 1996, and talked with her at length for many hours about healing and the work I was doing. Years later in 2004, I took her Level I class and realized I was already doing the same healing work, but in a different manner. I wanted to know her secret, but I already had my own way and was doing the same work that resulted in instantaneous healing for my clients.  

Quantum Healing Hypnosis gently guides one to the root cause of whatever is out of balance in the body and in your life and offers insights and healing when appropriate. It targets the root cause and eliminates it, not temporarily, but once and for all! It has no limits as to what it can offer if we are willing to relax. There is much to be discovered in just one session. That’s all it takes! Its that easy to heal your life and health.


Need proof? Read Laura’s Miracle  (if after you read Laura’s Miracle and you’re not convinced that healing/transformation can occur come back and read the information I have provided for you. I’m not sure anything I say is going to change your mind, but do you have anything to lose by giving it a chance? I hope you read all the information on my web site and say, yes! I’m going to give it a chance and make an appointment.  


Within each of us there is an inner healer awaiting. Using simple relaxation techniques we access the Healer and ask for its assistance. Many call it the subconscious, but I refer to it as the Soul, who we really are. Our Soul knows EVERYTHING there is to know! It KNOWS what event, emotional issues or emotion that caused the illness, disease or disorder. It also knows what to do in ALL situations and in any given moment in our lives. This inner part of us has a voice and will speak to us if we simply ask for its guidance in all things and listen. It has ALL our answers and is the key to the healing we seek.  


Certified Clinical  Hypnotherapist