Yana Freeman CCHt/QHHT Practitioner

Arkansas Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 20 years experience

Dolores Cannon Method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis

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 Our Subconscious knows everything that is out of balance within and without. It knows the root cause of our illness and disease and everything we struggle with on a daily basis. It also offers superb guidance and even instant healing when appropriate. There are no limits as to what can be discovered and healed in one session if you will simply allow yourself to relax. That’s all it takes! Yes, it is that easy to heal your life and your health or even discover your purpose in this lifetime. What are you really supposed to do? What is your Soul’s Mission??

 This type of healing does not put a band aid on anything. It heals it! It does not require drugs that cause the body to break down further. The cure and healing come when we release old negative thoughts and emotional baggage from the past and present. This is what created the disease in tour body.  


Within each of us the inner healer is waiting to assist us. Our Soul knows EVERYTHING there is to know! It KNOWS what event, emotional issues or emotion that caused the illness, disease or disorder. It knows what to do in ALL situations and in any given moment in our lives. This inner part of us has a voice and will speak to us if we simply ask for its guidance in all things and listen. It has ALL our answers and IS the key to the healing we seek.  



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Healing Hypnosis  •  Past Life Regression    Children’s Hypnosis  •  Marriage Ceremonies

 Yana Freeman CCHt, is one of many qualified practitioners in the world today using a very simple, relaxing and proven hypnosis technique, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT). This technique enables us to access information deep within our Subconscious Mind, the higher mind that knows everything there is to know about us. Once you allow yourself to relax and allow me to speak directly to your Subconscious we can find out the answer to most any question you have about life, health, relationships, your purpose in this lifetime and more! This part of us knows everything there is to know, past, present and even future. It will assist us in every detail of our lives.

  Our Subconscious has a voice we record for you to hear the specific instructions for your life, health and relationships. This simple process has been proven to help thousands experience instantaneous healing of the physical body. Yes, instant healing! Lab test, X-rays and MRI’s prove the healing is real and this is being proven to Physicians all over the world. No sign of the previous disease or problems in the body!


We are Spirit living in human form and we are very powerful beings! So powerful that we actually create our reality, illness and disease. Due to beliefs we hold or fears, trauma and unresolved emotional issues which all create imbalance in the body.

Yes, we create everything in our lives, even our health or lack of it, and only we can heal it!  Everyone has negative programming and negative emotional baggage from the past, childhood, family, programming from society’s beliefs and even from past lives that also create disease, illness and problems in life. Those issues, fester and grow in the body, they literally destroy our health and our lives, but there is a simple cure to all that ails us, if we will simply access the root cause and release it.

  Our Soul also makes choices beyond human comprehension for its highest good, its own growth and reasons beyond human understanding. When we do not listen to our inner guidance the messages get stronger to get our attention. The worse it gets the more urgent the message!


 If an illness, disease or an issue is at a critical stage your Inner Messenger is screaming as loud as it can to get your attention. It has a message for you, but you are NOT listening!  

How easy would it be to have this all knowing part of us to instantly heal disease in the body and share the message verbally so we understand what to do or not do? Would you rather suffer through it trying this and that to get relief and healing or would you rather do it the easy way?

 What’s your excuse? Not one answer you come up with would your Inner Healer agree with. Nothing is too big or too small for our Inner Self to heal.

Make an appointment today to heal or discover your life purpose and more!

Level 1 QHHT Practitioner since 2004 before there were other levels. Not one level is better than another, some of us have more experience, but not all Practitioners are trained and Certified Hypnotherapist. Many QHHT Practitioner’s have no training in Hypnotherapy, but I do! Certified Since 1995

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