“Quantum Healing Hypnosis”

Listen to Dolores Cannon, the Mother of Hypnosis and founder of QHHT/Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. Read, watch and listen to this video. I can attest to healing with my clients also. Everyone who does this work has healing miracles to share. There are even Medical Doctors using Dolores’s Healing Hypnosis Technique in hospitals for instant healing and cures for patients.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis does NOT put band aids on things, it heals! It doesn’t pump our bodies full of drugs that just cause our bodies to break down further. There is not one drug on this earth that can heal anyone, but Quantum Healing Hypnosis can.... and does!

 Yana Freeman CCHt, has been a Hypnotherapist since graduating Hypnotism Training Institute in 1995, after working with a client and asking their subconscious, “how can I help this person?” It told me this, “if you don’t get to the root cause you cannot help anyone”. I listened and from that day I have been witness to many healing’s, physical, mental and emotional.  

I am one of many qualified Practitioners in the world using this proven method for healing, having a one-on-one conversation with the Subconscious, the Higher Self, The Soul. This loving part of yourself knows everything about you, how to heal disease in the body and answers to any question about your life, health, relationships, and even your purpose in life.

The Subconscious speaks words we can record on tape for you to listen to later. This is a very simple and relaxing proven process known to help thousands experience instant healing of many diseases and disorders.

The healing is now being proven to Physicians all over the world. Lab test, MRI’s and X-ray show NO SIGN  of the previous disease or problems in the body.

What is being healed?

Healing’s reported with Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Yana L. Freeman CCHt, MA

   Arkansas Quantum Healing Hypnosis


Laura is one of thousands of clients who had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session. She literally had one foot in the grave and Doctors gave her no hope. Now she is completely healed and has the test results to prove it. Not only did she heal, she is now a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner as myself.

 Read Laura’s Miracle  (if after you read Laura’s Miracle and you’re not convinced that healing/transformation can occur come back and read the information I have provided for you. I’m not sure anything I say is going to change your mind, but do you have anything to lose by giving it a chance? I hope you read all the information on my web site and say, yes! I’m making an appointment to heal.   


Within each of us the Inner Healer awaits to assist us. Its  a simple, relaxing process! What are you waiting for?


Disabled?? Do not say, :if I heal how will I support myself without my Disability check?” Your Subconscious will assist you in that also. There is nothing to big or too small for it to help you with. You have talents you are not aware of, you have a purpose in life and it will help you on the path to wholeness in any area of your life.


Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist